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Continuing the work of Jesus....  Peacefully.  Simply.  Together.

Ivester Church strives to help people:

    experience the love of God

    put faith into action

    find ways to serve

    focus on what it means to be Christian in our daily life.

Sunday Morning Schedule

  Christian Education  9:3O

Worship 10:30

Pot luck 12:00

Ivester is located halfway between Eldora and Grundy Center, Iowa at the intersection of 'E' Avenue and 250th Street 1 mile south of Highway 175; 2 miles west of Highway 14; 3 miles east of S75.



Contact Us

Church phone: 641-858-3879

Address: 25056 E Ave, Grundy Center, IA 50638




Rev. Paul Shaver, Pastor

   540-292-9457 (Cell)

Email - RevPaul.IvesterCOB@gmail.com

 Church Email at ivester@heartofiowa.net

 Join us for services and events anytime!


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